Prayer Request/Peticion de Oracion

Dear Believer:
If you feel the need to receive the Holy Spirit through prayer. E-mail me to for your Prayer Request, it could be a financial or health problems, or whatever you need.
Just remember that who heals is the Holy Spirit, in the name of Jesus Christ.

Estimado (a) Creyente.
Si, tu tienes la necesidad de recibir al Espiritu Santo a traves de la Oracion, enviame un E-mail a para solicitar tu Peticion de Oracion, la cual podria ser por un problema financiero o de salud, o cualquier otro problema. Solo recuerda que quien sana es el Espiritu Santo, en el nombre de Jesucristo.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Steps to make a prayer

To make a prayer could be considered as a routine. Such like a doctor prepares for a surgical operation, or as a sport man for a competition. To make a prayer requires a preparation, too. a). - Confession. I like to start with this thought: “I acknowledge the God of the people of Israel as my own God, I acknowledge the God of Abraham, Moses and Jacob as my own God, I recognize the God of kings David and Solomon as my own God, so that is why I raise my prayers to Him” b). - Appeal. I expose all the reasons for which I am praying. c). - Worship. You should deliver this phrase at least three times. “Jesus of Nazareth I trust you” d). - Intimacy. This step is to establish a relationship between Holy Spirit and you. You must ask Him his companion during your prayer. e). - Intercession. Time for your requesting. Ff). - Thanksgiving Action You must thank to Almighty God, God Son and Holy Spirit. g). - Praise. Finally, the last stage of your prayer ought to praise God through songs.

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