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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

“How I healed of an Arthritis pain on my right hand”

Dear Believer: These lines may seem to you a little strange, what I’m going to tell you for. But you have to believe me that all you read here; it is entirely true. I have not another interest that just sharing with people I esteem and are believers in some divine. Some times you can not explain it with words only throughout faith. Finally that is the main reason why I’ve decided to share this wonderful episode of my life; which sustain is the faith I deposited in a High Being which name is God. First of all, let me tell you that I’m catholic; I don’t frequency attendance Mass; although I like to pray Holy Rosary; I often pray 54 days. 27 of those days for a special favor and 27 days for thanksgiving; many times I receive the favor requested, and sometimes I have to wait it, but like a friend of mine says: “God sometimes works slow, but never late”. I confess that many times when I go to Mass; I’m impatient to get out. The same happens when I’m praying the Holy Rosary. Though, one day I decided to pray along of six hours straight I didn’t know why. It was on August 21, 2005 when I decided to do a journey of prayer of six hours straight. I want to confess that I didn’t know how to pray. You may have heard, or reading in somewhere that pray means to talk with God like he was your best friend as simple like that. Before to begin my journey of prayer I was interested to buy a car, which was advertised in a local newspaper. I called for getting information, and I set an appointment. The salesman was an Evangelical Church Minister, and we had once spoken for a little while, religious issues coming up. For the first time I heard about prayer in tongues. He said that to pray in tongues it was the easier way to talk with God. I asked him how to pray in tongues. He said that everyone can pray in tongues. It is gift only given by the Holy Spirit. He argued that to pray in tongues is not to speak any languages, and it has only means just for God. I have also read that to pray in tongues is the perfect prayer. You don’t know what you are saying, even Satan. But, he also told me to get communication with God, it requires preparation; then, he gave me a brochure with information how to make a prayer, since to reconognize who is Him, until farewell through songs; indeed on these steps you are including your requesting. Thanks to God and that pastor I sensed having all elements to start my journey of prayer six hours straight yet I needed one more component, the preparation of an “altar.” It was a little table where I placed a Jesus’ image, one Bible, a white candle, Holy Water, a white rose, a Holy Rosary, besides of a little book of the recitation of the Holy Rosary, and the book “Novena Biblical Divine Child Jesus” which image is attached below. An important piece to achieve that “ritual” it was blessing my room and for that special occasion I wore completely in white. On August 21, 2005 I launched my journey of prayer begging at six in the morning through noon. I was while praying felt an strong voice inside of me, which ordered to me to pronounce the Holy name of Jesus of Nazareth and I repeated “….In the name of Jesus of Nazareth” when I closed my eyes came out images into my mind such like thunder and lightning, then I ordered in the name of Divine Child Jesus to Holy Father removes a pain from my right hand. I remember that every single morning to wake me up I had problem to close and open my hand. The thumb finger was practically paralyzed. It seems to be arthritis. The drugs took effect not; whether they ointments or pills for the pain did not work at that pain that came to haunt me for weeks to such a degree that could not sustain bottles, let alone uncover a simple bottle of soda . When I finished of praying did not notice the pain had disappeared I had not hurt in my right hand. I was still skeptical. I wondered whether I should wait until next day to view if it has really had working my journey of prayer of the six hours straight. Then the following days I’m anxious waiting to see results of my miracles healing. Certainly no more pain. Then I understood that my healing was complete. Thus I offered as thanksgiving to spread my testimony and distributing 33 images of the Divine Child Jesus. This testimony I just try not to confuse anybody, nor increase the faith of anyone either, I just want to share my experience with my faith. I also invite you to test your faith through prayer. And if one day antlers worried and can not find a solution to your problems no matter what it is. So, please reread again and if this testimony inspires you to pray. Then you should try to pray six hours, from six in the morning until noon. You have to offer your prayers for the merits of the Divine Child Jesus. Be sure that the voices heard your prayers and requests. In the short term I will show you the process of the journey of prayer for the six uninterrupted hours Remember, this is a matter of faith. God bless you.

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