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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

How I healed myself from diabetes

I am Catholic and recognize that I know almost nothing about God’s word, but I do know that a miracle worked by the Holy Spirit saved my life.I suffered from diabetes for over 25 years. As a Catholic, I like to pray the Holy Rosary, but one day I felt inside of me the need to talk with God face to face. Then I decided to do a round of prayer of six hours straight. It began at six AM and continued until noon. For this special occasion, I prepared an altar: a little center table where I placed an image of Jesus, a Bible, Holy Water, a white rose, a white candle, incense, a Holy Rosary, a little book explaining the Holy Rosary recitations, Novena of Divine Child Jesus , and I dressed myself completely in white।During my prayers I remembered a biblical quote by Jesus:“All you should ask for, ask it the merits of my infancy,and all you have asked for it will be conceded.”Therefore I begged being healed of the arthritis pain from my right hand. Days later having concluded the round of prayer, I noted that my arthritis pain was gone. Then I wondered if the Holy Spirit had worked a miracle on my behalf. Would He also heal my diabetes? Then I begged Jesus to heal me from diabetes.I spent several weeks in meditation. For 30 days I prepared myself mentally and spiritually. Each night before going to bed, I repeated this thought:“Holy Spirit, I open my heart to let you come inside;I offer you my body to fill it up with your presence;I offer you my mouth and thoughts to talk for me;accompany me tonight and every night,until the arrival time of my six hours prayer. Amen”.I fasted for three days prior to starting the round of prayer. I called it “an act of spiritual purification” to be ready to receive the Holy Spirit. Once I had all my “weapons” gathered, I launched my prayer journey. Nevertheless the third hour became the most critical of my journey, because I thought I couldn’t receive a second miracle. Such negative thoughts beat my faith; I believe that this was the most intense moment of my prayer journey.“Satan, in the name of Jesus of Nazareth, I reject you.”I repeated this phrase in my mind six times, while I took 77 deep breaths and repeated “I breathe Holy Spirit.”Finally, I felt myself relieved from my own demons. Which ones were my own doubts that weakened my faith. On the sixth hour, I prayed only to be healed of my diabetes. No magical words or other inspirational phrase. I begged in the name of Jesus to not be under any medical treatment for my diabetes ever again. It was as simple as that. I just asked for what I wanted and felt in that moment.Concluding my prayers, I ate my first meal after fasting for three days straight. Soon after I often ate any food normally forbidden for the diabetics’ persons.At my next lab test, the results indicated that my sugar and cholesterol levels had decreased. I had already suspended my medication when I had launched my three days offasting. I now know that my diabetes had been cured.At one point, I prayed to give thanks for this second miracle. When I opened my Bible, I immediately saw the phrase “Lazarus comes out!” I thought whether Jesus raised Lazarus from the death and gave him a second chance to live. So I must take care of myself: moderation in my nutritional habits, exercising, and eating proper meals, so that the diabetes would not recur.To conclude this testimony, I wish to share with you a Divine Child Jesus picture. This is my faith and a thanksgiving. Nevertheless if you are not a Catholic person, but you believe in God, Yave, Jehovah or whatever you call Him, Please remember: “The images do not make miracles, rather the faith.”This reflection has worked for me; it might work for you too. I leave you with this promise of Jesus:“For this reason, I tell you. When you pray and ask for something,believe that you have received it, and you will be given whatever you ask for.”(Mark 11:24) God Bless You.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for posing this. I know God will heal me of my out of control blood sugar levels , just as he healed me of an eye problem nearly 10 years ago. Praise God is mercies is everlasting and his truth is forevermore.

Anonymous said...

I also thank you for this testimony.
It is good to hear other people,s testimony so to build up your faith. I do believe that despite the lie of the devil God has already healed me of diabetes. God has proved to always be God in my life. From my childhood God has always answered my prayers and I believe His mighty hands are on me.
May His Name be praised Haleluah.