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Dear Believer:
If you feel the need to receive the Holy Spirit through prayer. E-mail me to for your Prayer Request, it could be a financial or health problems, or whatever you need.
Just remember that who heals is the Holy Spirit, in the name of Jesus Christ.

Estimado (a) Creyente.
Si, tu tienes la necesidad de recibir al Espiritu Santo a traves de la Oracion, enviame un E-mail a para solicitar tu Peticion de Oracion, la cual podria ser por un problema financiero o de salud, o cualquier otro problema. Solo recuerda que quien sana es el Espiritu Santo, en el nombre de Jesucristo.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Steps for an effective personal intercession

Once you have read my testimony “How I healed myself from diabetes” through the power of prayer. Now, I am going to explain you the process how you can get an effective personal intercession. You could do this for any incurable disease or as simple as problematic fix your financial situation. Just remember this is a matter of faith. Step 1. - Preparation of the Altar. I used a small table where I placed: A Bible, a white candle, Holy Water, a white rose, a Holy Rosary, Jesus Christ picture, a book for the recitation of the Holy Rosary and the Novena Biblical of Divine Child Jesus. I offered my prayer to the Almighty Father, for the Passion and Death of Jesus Christ. For his wounds and Holy Blood and for his Resurrection. I asked Holy Spirit his companion during the journey of prayer. Step 2. - Holy Water. I blessed the site with biblical texts previously selected, such like the baptism of Jesus in the Jordan River and about the life of John the Baptist. With this purpose I used a white rose. Step 3. - A White Candle. While I was praying the Holy Rosary lit the white candle. At this point if you are not catholic or doesn’t like you to pray the Holy Rosary. You should pray any prayer you like or fit according to your feeling at that time. Step 4. - The Bible. I read for one hour the Bible in particular all those reading about of the faith previously selected. Step 5. - Incense. I burned incense while singing religious themes for an hour. Step 6. - Requests. I asked for my family, my friends and for my health; in this particular case, I asked to God all Mighty by the merits of the Divine Child of the Child Jesus, to be cured of my diabetes. Now, you know the process how to get a personal intercession. On my next delivery I am going to show you “How to make a Prayer.” Just remember, this is a matter of faith.

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