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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The ‘Buts’ of the Power of Prayer

Dear Believers: Surely, you have heard that some people have been healed of terrible illness through the power of prayer; such like cancer or HIV. The question is, if a plain prayer has the power of healing. Let me to explain it this way. A simple prayer could be as powerful as well as a weakness. If you pray without faith, it is the same as a hollow tree. But, who really makes the miracles? The Holy Spirit does. Nevertheless, the Holy Spirit does not make any miracle if your prayer request does not come forward from the Heavenly Father, but the Heavenly Father does not answer to your prayer if this does not pass first through His beloved Son, Jesus Christ. Let me being more specific. Most of the time, we do not make a good prayer. Everyone is able to make a prayer, that is right, but that is not meaning that God response to all prayers. Let me give an example. You have a need. This could be a financial or health problem. You make a prayer, but if you have not enough faith, then your prayer fails. On the other hand, you have faith, but also your prayer failed. You did not make a good prayer. Now, let me put it on these words. As I explained in the lines above, the one who makes miracles is the Holy Spirit, but nothing goes to Almighty Father without Jesus’ intercession. Then, all your needs has to be risen to Jesus Christ, then later, Jesus passes your prayer forward to the Heavenly Father. Upon, Heavenly Father receives your needs via Jesus’ intercession. The Holy Father gives an order to the Holy Spirit, who is the person that makes the miracles. Well, the Holy Spirit is God, and God is the Trinity, that meaning three persons in one: Holy Father, Holy Son, and Holy Spirit. Now, I am going to share with you a true story about the power of the prayer. This is the story. My landlord spoke with me regarding a friend of hers, who suffered from terrible pain on his legs and elbows. She knew I have reflexology and body massage skills, and then she requested me to take care of her friend. For the last three years, her friend suffered of pain on his body, particularly all those frosty days. Days later, I met my landlord’s friend to start a reflexology session, before that, we talked a little bit about his concern, and he told me had developed along his body a painful strange illness, which made him a fearful person. During three years, he had to take tons of pain pills to decrease his painfulness. At the same time, he had fears of almost everything. He did not know the reason of his strange illness or the doctors either. I asked him if he practiced any religion. He said, “I am catholic and returned to my church; because, I want to be released from my worries and fears. Most doctors cannot help me find a cure for my fearfulness.” “Would you like to receive the Holy Spirit?” I asked. “How?” He answered. I explained to him about how to pray in tongues and how, through the power of prayer, the Holy Spirit can touch anyone, who is open to receiving it. Once he accepted it I prayed for him for several minutes, and then later, he started sobbing until he was weeping as a little child. I told that the Holy Spirit had touched him. Hence, his life would become better. Some days later, I received a phone call from him to let me know that he was much better of his painful body, but the most important thing was that his fearfulness had disappeared. He curiously asked me. “David, how did you do it?” “I did not anything.” I answered. “Who made it happened was the Holy Spirit. I just called him through the prayer in tongues. The Holy Spirit comes over at any time that you call Him. You only need to believe it” Dear Believers, to believe is the key for having faith. To receive the Holy Spirit into your heart is to recognize that Jesus is the Lord. Jesus is God. Heavenly Father is God. The Holy Spirit is God; nevertheless, who makes the miracles is the Holy Spirit. In the powerful name of Jesus, be healed.


Anonymous said...

I like this entry and writing style! I'm trying to learn all about the Holy Spirit and this helped me a lot...I am praying for my hair to regrow in some bald spots. I know it will. God has healed me of many things. I am not a Catholic, but I still follow what you talk about!

One suggestion is to break up your writing into paragraphs of about five, six sentences each. It will be much easier for the reader to read!
I am favoriting this site and coming back soon!

May God continue to bless you!

David G. Genchi said...

This is a little note to thank the previous comment, which comes from an anonimous.

You are right regarding to write paragraphs of about five, six sentences, but the currently format does not allow it. Even when you write a paragraph of 2 sentences, all goes together.

By the way, I am agree with you nothing is impossible for God.