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Monday, January 4, 2010

Prayer and Fasting

One day a friend of mine called to invite me to his house to join a men group from his church to watch movies with religious topics. He explained me that reasons of that meeting was to find out some way to increase the fellowship of his church. Even though, he knows I am a catholic person, I have attended some services in that Pentecostal church. Once that the movie had finished we discussed some points until we got agreed in one. If they wish to see a huge crowd during their service mass, they needed to do some thing more that don’t do nothing. My suggestion was to make a Prayer Chain and a Fasting of 24 hours. Everyone was agreed, so we set a date to develop our journey prayer. Previously, we made a list of points to follow up divide in 12 segments of two hours each one: Asking direction to the Holy Spirit. Increase our faith,. Getting a New Revival. Getting the fruit of Love. Study of the Bible. Wisdom. Increase of parishioners. Prosperity. Saintly. Spiritual Gifts. Healing. Praise. We start at six in the evening to finish at 6 PM of the next day. We drunk only water for the next 24 hours. Ben Montoya, pastor of the Healing Center Church, and five of his fellowships and me started the Journey Prayer and Fasting. Six hours later, other fellow joined us. Hours to hours we prayed without stopping. All our prayers were focused on the listed topic, however we made a little change in our schedule. We advanced the segment of Praise, which was the last one; instead of the Spiritual Gifts segment , due to at that time we were tired, after having praying eighteen hours straight. So, we sung and listened all kind of christian music, that was like getting more energy to continue our journey prayer. Now, on the segment of Spiritual Gifts, I means in the twenty first hour, I prayed for what the Holy Spirit may spread His blessing over our group and requested Him for some of the spiritual gifts. I closed my eyes and the first thing I saw was the face of one of my fellows. His name is Alex. He along of the prayer chain was worshiping so quite, I could say he discreetly had prayed. Once I saw his image in my mind I asked Holy Spirit. “What do you want me to do? And as it was an answer I started to pray in tongues loudly. Then later, I approached Alex and laid down my hands over his shoulders and I spoke to him. “Alex, the Holy Spirit had chosen you. In the powerful name of Jesus of Nazareth glorified to Him speaking in tongues. Closing your eyes and listen the Holy Spirit’s voice in your heart and receive the gift of speaking in tongues. Worship Him in the name of Jesus Christ.” He immediately started speaking in tongues. In the beginning a little bit shy. But after one hour he was praying in tongues loudly while he weep. I understood that God had given to that church one of his spiritual gifts for the Glory of God. I am a believer that God using us like instrument to accomplish his work. Another article related to the gift of speaking in tongues you can read it here: Please, click here to receive an intercession prayer:

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