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Just remember that who heals is the Holy Spirit, in the name of Jesus Christ.

Estimado (a) Creyente.
Si, tu tienes la necesidad de recibir al Espiritu Santo a traves de la Oracion, enviame un E-mail a para solicitar tu Peticion de Oracion, la cual podria ser por un problema financiero o de salud, o cualquier otro problema. Solo recuerda que quien sana es el Espiritu Santo, en el nombre de Jesucristo.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Intercession Group: Miracle Center.

When I received the gift of speaking in tongues, I often wondered whether I could use it on behalf of others. But before that, I had to start a search for the meaning of the gift of speaking in tongues; this, took me a long time, because I knew almost nothing about that spiritual gift. First, I searched among my friends, if someone had had that sort of religious’ experience; secondly, I was looking for answers from priests and pastors. Finally, I read all biblical texts regarding “spiritual gift” and I am still reading books about the Holy Spirit. Once, I had received that gift, I have prayed in tongues every day, later, I wished to pray in a church, but in those catholic churches where I attend, they do not pray in tongues, so I started a new search till I found a place where praying in tongues was allowed. I visited several churches called “christians” and very soon I was praying in tongues in those meetings. I realized that when I prayed in tongues some believers, who were beside me wept. I was intrigued, therefore, I asked one of those believers why she cried. She answered. “Because, I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit, while you were praying in tongues.” Then, I recalled what a catholic priest told me. The reason I ended in tears, each time I prayed in tongues. The Holy Spirit cleaned up my soul of unclean thoughts and doubts. My belief is, if prayingis good, and the world needs to pray. Then, the person has to believe that God is waiting for their praying. That was the first seed planted into my heart, to pray for others, for their needs and for what they also get to clean their souls of unclean thoughts and doubts, as well, I did. Afterward, to pray for others became a need. But I had a problem; I should find persons that would like to receive the Holy Spirit. I felt like a novel physician waiting for patients to come into his new clinic. Now, dear believers, let me share with you a story of my passageway through the intercession. One day, I received an email from a reader of my website “Power of Prayer;” in fact, that person is a minister, who has a Ministry of Intercession running by Internet. He and his prayer warriors praying for people throughout the Internet. He invited me to pray on behalf of some of his followers. I did. Afterward, He sent me an email to let me know about the “fruit of my prayers.” Some people had healed. Yet before these events, I had looked for some intercession groups where I could participate, but I couldn't find a church where I could join in the mission of intercession. At this point, I would like to make a parenthesis. To receive the gift of speaking in tongues, I had to wait a little more than one year, after my first attempt to speak in tongues. Afterone year, I was looking to incorporate myself into an intercession group, without positive result. Nevertheless, one day, I was driving over the streets of my city, Salem, OR. When I saw a signal, it was for a worship service. Then, I called Pastor to ask if they would allow me to pray in tongues. “Of course, we are a Pentecostal church and we believe in the gift of speaking in tongues.” He said. I attended the worship service that same evening, and I prayed in tongues as the Holy Spirit guided me. One of the followers, who has the gift of interpretation in tongues, She was translating what I said in tongues. To be honest I don’t remember what she said, I only recall that she said: “I was interpreting that someone was praying in tongues.” I was the only one who was praying in tongues. A few days later, I contacted Pastor to ask if they had an Intercession Group, the answer was “yes” with a promise of an invitation for the next “intercession.” Days passed and I didn’t receive a call. Then, I called twice to remind him of my interest to participate in an intercession group. No one called back. Days later, I received a call from a pastor’s relative about my concern. I explained to him that my main interest is to pray on somebody’s behalf. After we chatted for awhile, he encouraged me to attend a prayer meeting in his church on Tuesday evenings at seven. There, I met a small group of 5 persons. I offered them my desire to integrate into an intercession group. The pastor and his followers exclaimed: “For the last four months, we have prayed for that Ministry of Intercession. Finally, God has heard our prayers.” “Finally, God has heard my prayer, too, after over one year.” I answered. I knocked on many church’s doors to offer myself as an intercession group’s servant. Now I am sure God sent me to the right place: Miracle Center Church. After of the pursuit to find an Intercession Group, I have found my own Ministry for the Glory of God.

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