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Saturday, January 3, 2009

The day that I received the gift of speaking in tongues

The first time that I heard of prayer talking in tongues was in 2005. I was looking to purchase a car. I encountered a Pastor; who was selling a car. The car was not to my liking; however, we had a conversation regarding God. He told me that speaking in tongues is an easier way to talk with God. “Where did you learn it.?” I asked. He said that speaking in tongues is a gift only given by the Holy Spirit, and whoever wants it, may receive it. You only need to request it from the Holy Spirit. I asked him if he could pray in tongues for me. I was curious to know about it, and how it would sound. He closed his eyes and started speaking in his own language (of course in English). Then soon spoke in tongues. He did not pronounce a complete sentence nor understandable words. He spit out sounds not comprehensible. I tried to understand him, but I could not decipher words or phrases. The following days my curiosity about prayer in tongues was enormous. I researched speaking in tongues through the internet, Bible, friends, and people I know that spend a lot of time in churches. Yet no one was able to teach me how to speak in tongues. After many attempts, I quit in my desire of speaking in tongues. A little over one year later, I contacted a friend of mine from my own town, Acapulco, Mexico. We spoke about several issues. Speaking about God was one of those topics. I realize he has the gift of prayer in tongues. I spent hours over the phone talking with my friend about so many interesting matters. I tried to absorb all information regarding his experiences of how he received the gift of speaking in tongues. However, I still did not understand it. My friend told me. “Look, David, you could never understand the mysteries of God. If you cannot speak it, it is because the Holy Spirit does not want to give you that specific gift. But, he may want to give you other gifts. You may not have asked him properly. The most important thing, you must ask the Holy Spirit with humility.” My friend was right I never asked the Holy Spirit for the gift of speaking in tongues. I just tried to imitate the Pastor. Two years after meeting the Pastor, I felt the need to pray in that strange language called The Language of the Holy Spirit. I recalled that I started with this sentence: “Holy Spirit, I offer you my body to fill it up with your presence; I open my heart to let you come inside; I offer you my mouth and thoughts to talk for me.” Soon after, I started to speak prayer in tongues. I did not understand what I was talking about, but I was consciously moving my tongue. Suddenly, I wept like a baby and could not stop. In my mind, I desired stopping, yet in my heart, I sensed a feeling of joyfulness. I often closed my eyes and seen a red light flashing across my mind. I cried repeatedly. When I finished praying, what seemed like only five minutes. In fact, I had prayed over one hour. Most of that time, I had wept. Having cried made me feel better. From that time on, I like to pray in tongues at least 2 minutes every day. I also have learned that when you prayer in tongues for yourself, you reach a personal spiritual development. I sense that all my prayers are being listened. I have not doubt about it. Upon receiving the gift of speaking in tongues, I wondered how I could use it on behalf of other. I was concerned. I had many questions and no answers. Days later, I met a catholic priest, who also has the gift of speaking in tongues. I asked him, why does praying in tongues make me happy, but at the same time, it makes me cry? He told me that the Holy Spirit was working on me, and he explained it to me. “You figure out that your body is a washer machine, where you load the soiled linen. The dirty linens are your sins. The Holy Spirit becomes the detergent and bleach. These clean your clothing.” He said. “On the same way.” He added, “Your body was loaded with your sins, fears, grieves, and doubts. When you prayed in tongues, you received the Holy Spirit, who was cleaning up of your entire heavy load.” On the following days, speaking in tongues was a need. Now my desire is to use my gift on behalf of people. Therefore, I wondered how to go about it. One night I drove from Salem to Redmond, Oregon for a business matter. A friend of mine was my companion. The car stereo was on, but in certain areas of the road, the frequency was being interrupted. Therefore, I decided to turn off the radio. For miles, we were the only drivers on the road. At that time, I wanted to pray in tongues, even though I knew my friend would not understand a word that I was saying. After praying in tongues for about 45 minutes, I noticed my friend wept like a baby. “Cry is good and I am happy for you,” I told him, “You should be happy, because the Holy Spirit has touched you.” Later, he confessed to me that when I started to pray in tongues, he thought I was joking. He asked me if I could pray in tongues for his sick mother for God to heal her. “What is your mom’s problem? I asked. He said that the doctors did not know what the problem was. Her veins were so skinny that was necessary feeding her by tubes, and she could need a surgery. “Do you believe that the Holy Spirit is capable of healing your mother?” I asked him. “Only God can heal her,” he answered. “The Holy Spirit is God. Jesus is God. The Holy Father is God.” I replied. “But there is only one God. These three persons work like a team. Nothing goes to God directly, rather through Jesus, God’s son. However, the Holy Spirit is who makes the miracles.” I added. “Let me pray for your mother. I will pray for 77 days for her.” During the time I was praying for her, I sensed a heavy environment around me. I was tired and bored of praying. This happened four times during the period of the seventy-seven days and I did not know why. Nevertheless, I while was praying one of those days, a received a message from the Holy Spirit. It was a vision, this happened. I saw a door house, someone had knocked over and over, but no body opened the door. I immediately understood that the Holy Spirit had visited to my friend’s mother, but she refused to accept Him. Then, I contacted to my friend and I told him about my vision. “Your mother is not sick. She is very sad and feeling alone. However, she refuses to accept to the Holy Spirit” I told him. I strongly encouraged him to talk with her mother about it; she needed getting a confession and repentance of her sins; but the most important thing, she should accept to the Holy Spirit. Days before to accomplish the round of prayer in tongues, my friend called me to let me know that his mother had discharged from the Hospital. The surgery was not necessary.

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