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Sunday, November 9, 2008

A brief story how I healed from diabetes

Forever, I will thank God. The God of the people of Israel, the God of Abraham, Moses and Jacob, the God of the kings David and Salomon. Forever I am going to thank Jesus Christ, for the merits of Divine Child Jesus’ infancy. Forever and ever, thank you Holy Spirit for the miracle to heal my diabetes. I bless you Holy Father to allow me carrying up a long of 25 years an uncured illness, and receiving your marvelous work. Thanks Lord. I know that is difficult to believe mainly for those skeptical, whom does not believe in miracles. Please, I invite you to continue reading this story under two perspectives. First, within your incredulity and secondly, I invite you to explore your own capacity of faith. Faith is anything that sometimes you cannot explain with words. For someone, faith is just to join two letters of the alphabet. Nevertheless, faith has not means when the mouth splits it and it is disconnected from heart. Faith is to believe, that is the miracle’s key. Yet how you can get it? First, you must ask it to the Holy Spirit. You cannot have faith if you are not filling up of the Holy Spirit. You may wonder where Holy Spirit is. Do I need to go to my church? How I can get faith? It is so simple as well as difficult. Remember the key is believed. The Holy Spirit is right there around you. Look! Stop reading and close your eyes, and asking Him a little bit of faith. How? In your own words, or if you prefer say this: “I recognize the God of the people of Israel as my own God, I recognize the God of Abraham, Moses and Jacob as my own God, and I recognize the God of the Kings David and Salomon as my own God. Holy Spirit I offer you my body to be filled with your presence. I offer my mouth and thoughts you speak for me for that I raise my prayers to you.” Remember having faith is to believe. Be aware if you renounce of Almighty Father does not happened nothing, if you renounce of Holy Son does not happened nothing, but if you renounce of Holy Spirit, you will have no faith, in this way not all you ask in prayer will be granted. It is the same if you have a powerful car in the middle of the desert, but if it has not gasoline, it does not useful at all. You need gas to get out desert. A person needs to have faith what prayer being listened for. The faith comes out from the Holy Spirit, because God is Spirit. The faith pass throughout your mind, yet it is storage in your heart. “It is only our own spirit within us that knows all about us; in the same way, only God’s Spirit knows all about God.” (Corinthians I: 2.11) One more time I tell you, faith is to believe, but you must also feeling inside of yourself; it is mean you should open your heart to God, because the Spirit comes from God. Once you have gotten a little bit of faith, then you would be ready to use your powerful weapon: The prayer. However, a prayer without faith, it is, as a tree hollow. “Whoever does not have the Spirit cannot receive the gifts that come from God’s Spirit. Such a person really does not understand them, and they seem to be nonsense, because their value can be judged only on a spiritual basic.”(Corinthians I: 2.14) Thus, I considered that my first step to heal from my diabetes would be to put down my faith in Holy Spirit. Later, I decided to pray six hours straight. Before, I had already made a round of prayer of six hours straight How I healed from an arthritic pain from my right hand. (This Testimony was been posted. Please, feel free checking out) I wondered than if I had already received a miracle, I might receive a second miracle through the power of prayer. Previously, I have also described the process to make a prayer, which is posted in this blog, and one of those steps to the process were a spiritual and mental preparation as well as fasting During 30 days, I prepared myself mentally and spiritually prior to start my journey of prayer of six hours straight, Along 27 days, I repeated in my mind this thought: “In the name of Jesus Christ, I offer my fasting to Holy Father, Holy Son and Holy Spirit.” Well, three days before of my journey of prayer of six hours straight, I started fasting. It is point less to mention, so difficult is for diabetes people do not eat anything, I was not the exception. In the past if, I did not eat anything on the next hours after my first meal I got a terrible headache ever. Regarding to my spiritual preparation each night before to go to bed, I said this prayer: “Holy Spirit, I offer you my body to fill it with your presence. I offer my heart you come in. I offer my mouth and thoughts to speak for me. Come with me this night and every night until the time of my journey of prayer of the six hours straight. Amen” Dear believer. You may wonder why I took a fasting. The answer is for a spiritual cleaning, and be ready to receive the Holy Spirit. I put in my mind this thought every single day. “Holy Spirit, I offer you my body to be filled up with your presence” Thus, if I had invited Him to come into my body, then “the house should be clean.” I understand if the church is the body of Jesus, Catholic and Christians are the temple where God dwells. I believed that as if through the faith I could heal from my diabetes. The faith moves mountains. The faith makes miracles, but who really makes miracles the Holy Spirit is. Once again, I tell you a prayer without faith is like a tree hollow. I healed from diabetes through the power of prayer. The prayer feeds spirit. The prayer is fit for kids and adults, rich and poor. Prayer is not a privilege of social classes. Prayer is not a symbol, but it symbolizes peace and goodwill, the prayer is not a social organization but it joined millions of people in the world. The Prayer is not a military force, but it is the most powerful weapon in the world. Nevertheless, a prayer without faith is like a tree hollow On the next delivery, I am going to talk about The Journey of Prayer of the Six Hours Straight divided in one hour per round. Just remember, you must believe. You must have faith. That is the key.

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